Guitar Works of John Maxwell Geddes

Order No. Xolo1040

EAN 4250095882005

(Xolo / Galileo Music)

Released 2015

Booklet 12 pages, Deutsch / English

Total playing time: 48:42

Genre: Modern, Contemporary

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Stefan Grasse - guitar

Guest artist:

Yvonne Zehner - guitar



Ane Buke O Courtlie Ayres

1. The Spannishe Ladie

2. Froggis Galziard

3. Male Simme

4. The Keiking Glasse

5. Leslies Lilt

6. Scerdustis

7. Shipeherd saw thou not?

8. Sir Nigels Galziard

9. O sillie soul, alace

10. Threi Sheips Skinns

11. Sink Pas

12. Elegy*

13. Callanish V

14. Callanish VI*

15. Stars Over Carnac*

16. Nocturne*

Dances Of The Scottish Court

17. A Frenche

18. Amor Vincit Omnia

19. Brangil of Poictu

20. Sir John Hopes Currant

21. Ane Alman Moreiss

22. Floodis of Teares

23. Ane Fragment O mine Ain

24. Trumpeters Currand

25. What if a Day

26. Ane ither Frenche


All compositions by John Maxwell Geddes (1941-2017)

*World premiere recordings


„How unusual to find such searching insight combined with natural feeling for the music.“

John Maxwell Geddes about Stefan Grasse