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"Desert Song" for alto recorder or flute and guitar


Order No. LIGS 12 DS
(ELGO Production / LIGS)

Score 12 pages / flute part 4 pages

Genre: Classical

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I wrote "Desert Song" in 2015 for the Jewish-Dutch duo NIHZ of Sanna van Elst and Bobby Rootveld. The basis of the composition is the ancient psalm-melody "Shema Israel" (Hear, Israel), which is sung to Torah verses.

The work consists of five movements. In the "Introduction: Tranquillo" the guitar decorates the fragmented phrases of melody with glissandi and harmonics. In the second movement, "Moderato", the flute presents the theme with arpeggiated ornaments. The guitar develops a rhythmic repetitive pattern from previous harmonics, reminiscent of frame drums from the Middle East. The third movement, "Flute solo: Libero", offers virtuosic embellishments of the theme, while the fourth movement, "Guitar solo: Libero", presents harp-like chords, alternating with melodic fragments in an atmospheric way. In the final movement, "Finale: Allegro moderato", the guitar develops a "Moto perpetuum" from the arpeggios of the preceding chords. The flute plays around with the theme in a virtuosic manner, leading to a fantastic finale.


Recording on CD Tales of an Odyssey (Xolo CD 1049), with flutist Haruko Nakajima.

LIGS 12 DS "Desert Song"

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