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CD "Guitar Works of Thomas Wilson"


Order No. Xolo CD 1039, EAN 4250095882104
(Xolo / Galileo Music)

Veröffentlichung: 2015

Booklet 16 pages, Deutsch / English

Total playing time: 39:06

Genre: Modern, Contemporary

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Stefan Grasse  - guitar


Three Pieces for Guitar
1. Allegro molto
2. Lento, con espressione
3. Moderato, poco rubato

4. Soliloquy*
5. Coplas del Ruiseñor*
6. Dreammusic*
7. Cancion*

All compositions by Thomas Brendan Wilson (1927-2001)
*World premiere recordings


"Stefan Grasse is a gifted guitarist, very well equipped technically, and more importantly, a natural, even intuitive player, very responsive on the purely musical level. His performances of my own works, (Dreammusic etc.) have been among the most sympathetic and perceptive I have heard."
Thomas Wilson

CD "Guitar Works of Thomas Wilson" Xolo CD 1039

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